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Once you hit your mid-40s, your health becomes a huge priority! If you have been ignoring your health, your body will find a way to let you know! Everything you do or don’t do, regarding your health, will have an impact on your quality of life as you age. This is an opportune time to make changes. The most important thing you can do is have an annual physical so you can identify “areas of concern.” Another important step is to learn your family medical history. The reason it’s critical to learn your family medical history is because you want to be aware of health issues that may pop up because of your genes. Based on your age range, there are preventative tests the medical community recommends, such as colonoscopy, bone density, mammogram, pap smear, PSA, etc. For details on recommended preventative tests based on your age, click here.

Daily Health Routine

Your medical professional will make recommendations based on the results of your annual physical and any preventative screening tests you completed. Based on input from your medical professional, develop a Daily Health Routine (DHR) to address your health challenges. Our DHR consists of:

  1. Minimize salt, sugar, and saturated fats in our daily eating
  2. Eat fiber such as beans, vegetables, and fruits daily
  3. Drink lots of water daily
  4. Exercise 30 minutes daily
  5. Minimize stress daily

What is your DHR? Share it with The Fifty Plus Network! We cannot emphasize enough that your health will determine your quality of life as you age. Make your health a daily priority, so you can be fit and fabulous! To join The Fifty Plus Network:

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