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Brynn has been in the information technology (IT) arena for many years. What she has learned is that the only constant in the IT arena is change! Technology is constantly changing and if you don’t continue to train and learn new concepts and technologies, you will fall behind. Typically, an employer will pay the costs for training, particularly when the technology is needed to do the job. However, during times of tight budgets, it may be necessary for an employee to pay the training costs out of pocket. Several times during her career, Brynn has paid for her own training. After completing the training and receiving the certificate, she lists the course on her resume. When employers and recruiters notice the training on her resume, she is able to leverage the training into a new job opportunity! Brynn invested in herself by paying for the training out of pocket, and reaped the benefits by obtaining a new job opportunity.

Sometimes it is necessary to get certified in a particular technology. Certification usually involves taking several courses, and passing a test to get certified. When Brynn began her career, it was enough to have a degree in a technology-related area. If you didn’t have a degree, hands-on training and a few technology courses usually met the requirements. Now, many employers require certification, in addition to degrees. Many years ago, Brynn worked with a gentleman who reinvented himself. His name was Mike. At that time, he was in his 40s. Mike was a Psychologist, but realized he could have a stable income and incredible opportunities by obtaining a certificate in Oracle database technology. He had to take several courses, and pass an exam at an official testing center to obtain his certificate. Most likely, it cost him $10k – $20k out of pocket. However, he was able to get an IT job making very good money! That was a huge career change (and risk) for him, but it paid off.

How do you know if you have the aptitude to retrain and learn new technologies? Think back to high school … Were you good in math? If you were, then you have the aptitude to learn new technologies! Do you have hands-on experience but have not received formal training? If the answer is yes, then you have a good chance at elevating your career! Before spending any money, check with the big technology companies like Microsoft and Oracle. They usually have free online webinars to introduce new technologies. Poke around on their websites and sign up for free emails/newsletters to notify you about training/product announcements. Brynn has even used her vacation time to attend free conferences! She sits in on seminars, networks, and collects free technical literature. Immerse yourself in whatever it is you are trying to learn! For more information on changing careers, click here.

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