5 Ways to #Refresh & #Rejuvenate at the #Beach! #fitness

Going to the ocean is like going back to the source. Watching the waves crash to shore, feeling the sand vibrate and move beneath your bare feet, shows the powerful force of the ocean. Watching, listening, and feeling the power of the ocean is mesmerizing. Whenever we want to refresh, rejuvenate, and reduce stress, we head to the ocean! Here are 5 ways to refresh and rejuvenate at the beach:

  1. Take a deep breath of salty air. (Inhale and count to 7. Hold for 7 seconds. Blow out while counting to 7.)
  2. Dig your toes into the wet sand.
  3. Close your eyes and listen to the waves crashing to shore.
  4. Get up early and watch the pelicans hover over the ocean looking for breakfast.
  5. Watch the dolphins play in the morning. Virginia Beach has schools of dolphins that are very active in the morning. At the Ramada Inn on the north end, we could eat breakfast and look out of the huge picture window to see the dolphins! How exciting!

To save money, take a day trip to the beach. If you can drive to the beach in 4 hrs or less, make the trip and come back the same day. When I was a child, my Dad loved taking us to Ocean City. We would wake up on a summer Saturday morning and he would say, “Ready for the beach?!” Of course we were! We grabbed our towels and pillows, and raced to the car! Great memories …

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