5 New Rules for Early #Retirement! #retire #retireinspired

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Honestly, who doesn’t want to retire early?! Very few of us are actually doing what we love everyday. Career and business choices are largely dependent on the local economy, and demand for your services or product. If you do have an opportunity and/or desire to retire early, click here for 5 new rules to prepare for early retirement! For 9 Ways to Build Wealth in Your 50s, click here.

We have discovered that the easiest way to save for retirement is not to earn more money, but to reduce current expenses. Look at every bill you have and ask if there is a way to reduce it. Call the company and ask if there is a discount for seniors. We just purchased a laptop PC from Dell, and they offered a discount for members of AARP! Do you actually watch all of the channels in your cable package? We saved $25 per month by eliminating HBO from our cable package. We saved $200 per year by increasing our car insurance deductible to $1,000. We cancelled Sprint long distance because they charged $6.95 per month for a service charge, plus Federal/State/County/Local taxes/fees on top of the $6.95. So, even if we made no long distance calls, we were charged fees every month! Look through all of your expenses to find ways to decrease them!

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