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Salamander Inn Resort and Spa, Middleburg Virginia over50 thefiftyplusnetwork travelover50

We love to travel! We love seeing new places! Every Autumn, we try to take a trip to the mountains. We usually go to the Massanutten Resort in Harrisonburg Virginia, however this year, we decided to try something different. We have been reading about a new resort in the Blue Ridge mountains. We had always heard about Middleburg, it’s historic background as a backdrop for the Civil War, it’s reputation for fox hunts and polo matches, and President and Mrs John F. Kennedy’s weekend visits. We wanted to see it all for ourselves! We are happy to proclaim that Middleburg did not disappoint!

Red Fox Inn, Middleburg Virginia over50 thefiftyplusnetwork

Red Fox Inn, Middleburg Virginia

To begin our journey, we took Route 50 (John Mosby Highway) through the Bull Run mountain range, and passed through a small town called Aldie. Aldie immediately took us back in time. The small stone walls along the side of the road looked like they were thousands of years old. It’s a beautiful, quaint town. To learn more about the history of Aldie, click here.

Main Street, Middleburg Virginia travelover50 over50 over 50 fiftyplusnetwork

Main Street, Middleburg Virginia

Noble House, Middleburg Virginia over50 over 50 fiftyplusnetwork

Noble House, Middleburg Virginia

Middleburg is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. As we approached, we noticed green rolling hills, large farms/ranches, and ornate stone kneewalls along the roadway. We began smiling when we saw impeccably-dressed horsewomen riding horses on the Fox Chase Farm. We knew we were close to Middleburg! We knew we were in Hunt Country!

Main Street, Middleburg Virginia over50 over 50 fiftyplusnetwork

Main Street, Middleburg Virginia

As we enter the town limits, Rte 50 turns into Middleburg’s “Main Street,” which is Washington Street, no doubt named after our first President George Washington. We notice various architectural styles, such brick Colonial buildings, stone buildings, Gothic styles, even barn structures. The history and architecture of Middleburg is fascinating, and laid out in an application for the National Register of Historic Places. The application begins with the founding of Middleburg in 1787, recounts it’s role in the Civil War, and brings us forward to Middleburg’s grandest resort, Salamander Inn Resort and Spa!

Salamander Inn Resort and Spa, Middleburg Virginia over50 thefiftyplusnetwork

Salamander Inn Resort and Spa, Middleburg Virginia

We walked into Salamander Resort and Spa and were welcomed by a young man at the Front Desk. We told him it was our first time at the resort and we would like to tour the facility. He immediately took us on a tour of Harriman’s Grill, the Library, several conference rooms reserved for a Bluegrass festival, and the Spa. When you look out of the wall of windows in the Library, you have a grand view of the rolling foothills, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. Imagine sipping a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine, and gazing out into the horizon – splendid! To learn more about Salamander Inn Resort and Spa, click here.

Middleburg is quintessential American history. When you glance at the stone knee-walls along John Mosby Highway (Route 50), you instantly know that the stones are hundreds of years old! Take a genteel step back in time. and experience the grandeur of Hunt Country U.S.A.!

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