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If you are over 50, you may be in a “mature” relationship and considering marriage … If so, consider Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, North Carolina! We were invited to a family wedding at Prestonwood, and used the opportunity to tour the Research Triangle area. Since we are over 50, we always like to do a drive-by to make sure we know where we are going before the scheduled event. So, we took a scenic ride through the famous hi-technology corridor. Since we are both techies, we really enjoyed driving past the corporate facilities for companies such as Biogen, Cisco, Lenovo, Delta Products, and FujiFilm. This area of North Carolina is so green and pretty … lots of Crepe Myrtle trees blooming, perfectly manicured greens, clean and well-maintained roadways. When we arrived at the Prestonwood Country Club, we were amazed at the visual! The buildings and the grounds are extraordinary!

As we drove around to the back of the buildings, we spotted the golf course, which was breathtaking!

This is our first taste of country club living! Perfectly manicured grounds, golf course, tennis courts, and a beautifully-decorated Grand Ballroom await! The Grand Ballroom seats up to 350 people, and most of the seats were filled. We all wondered if the bride would come down the winding staircase …

To our surprise, the bride entered from the back of the ballroom. We know it must be difficult to navigate the winding staircase in a wedding gown with a long train! The dining room was beautifully decorated. Another winding staircase was the perfect backdrop for the bride and groom to surprise us by popping up from behind the stairs and descending down the stairs holding hands!

To round out the evening, the brother of the groom delivered a very funny wedding toast!

Attending a wedding at a country club was a new experience for us. We were wide-eyed and excited about our new experience, and especially happy to share our family’s very special wedding day!

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