#Retirement is #Walking Around the #Lake on #Weekdays! #retireyourway

Retirement gives you the freedom to schedule activities during non-peak times. For example, the lake is very popular on the weekends. The narrow walkway is filled with joggers, bicyclists, strollers, dogs, children, and their parents. However, on the weekdays, the walkway is wide open! You can walk with your arms extended and open to the awesome nature surrounding you! After working for decades, your body clock is so tuned to postpone activities until the weekends. Once you retire, it seems like a revelation when you can schedule recreation on the weekdays. You feel like you’re playing hookie! Years ago, I read the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex,which said that connecting with nature is an excellent way to reduce stress. Paraphrasing John Gray, “nature absorbs your stress.” One of the most special retirement moments is the moment when you realize you can schedule fun activities on weekdays!

While driving around Newport News, Virginia, we discovered City Center at Oyster Point! It was Memorial Day weekend and the Navy band was performing near a gorgeous lake! We took a nice, relaxing walk around the lake a enjoyed the free concert!

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