Do You Take Your Daily #Vitamins? #health #healthy #healthtip #healthtips

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When I was working, I took my daily vitamins every morning before going out the door. When my schedule changed, it disrupted my routine. I started forgetting to take my vitamins, and if I did take them, I couldn’t remember that I took them! When I had my recent annual physical, my neglect showed up in my blood test results: low vitamin D, low vitamin B, low iron … An alarm went off inside my head! Now that I have an iPhone, I setup alerts using the Reminder tool. Next, I checked my Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin to make sure it had 100% of the vitamins and minerals I need.

I have heard doctors say that there is no evidence that vitmains help, but I have all of the evidence I need. My doctor wants to see me again in 6 weeks, so I must be vigilant about taking my vitamins every single day! Have you taken your vitamins today?

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