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new50plusIf you are in your 50s or older, and you are still employed, consider yourself fortunate. Hopefully, you have accrued pension and/or 401k benefits, in addition to Social Security credits. You may also have built a reputation in your career field, which gives you the ability to market your services as a consultant. While you are still working for an employer, build a network of colleagues, co-workers, and clients. When you retire, you can market yourself as a consultant to your former employer. You can also market your skills to former colleagues, co-workers, and clients. If you signed a non-compete agreement with your former employer, be sure to adhere to all of the provisions in the agreement. Most likely, you will have to wait a certain amount of time before pursuing business opportunities with your former clients. During that time, you can setup your business structure and solidify your marketing strategy.

If you are in between jobs, or ready for a career change, there are industries that are open to employees over the age of 50. During the past 20 years, millions of jobs has been transferred overseas due to NAFTA. That giant sucking sound that Ross Perot talked about is real! Entire industries have moved overseas such as textiles and telemarketing. For details on starting a new career over the age of 50, click here. A similar article on starting a new career over the age of 55 is here. If your career field has become obsolete due to automation, consider re-training for a new career. Click on the ad below to get details on corporate training solutions.

If you are looking for part-time income and a more flexible schedule, consider starting a small business. Do you have hobbies that can generate income? For instance, if you love playing golf, you can earn extra income by teaching others to play golf. Whatever your gift or talent or skills, there may be an opportunity to teach others. Tap into your network; talk to family, friends, and neighbors to see if there is interest. Learn how to use social media to advertise your gifts, talents, and skills.

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