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Consider #RealEstate for Your Next #Career or #Business! #over50 #50plus

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Do you like looking at houses? Do you keep track of the good schools in your town or city? Are you aware of the good neighborhoods and not-so-good neighborhoods in your city or town? When you see a home for sale or a new residential development, are you curious about the asking prices for the home(s)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, real estate might be a good career or business choice for you! According to CNN Money, the U.S real estate market is hot again! Interest rates are still low, and unemployment is at a 10-year low of 4.5%. This might be the perfect time to consider a career or business in real estate. Typically, when we ponder a career in real estate, we automatically think “real estate agent.” However, there are many different types of careers or businesses in the real estate industry, such as:

  1. property manager
  2. rental manager
  3. real estate investor
  4. real estate analyst
  5. property maintenance (cleaning, painting, repairing, installing)
  6. home inspector
  7. mortgage broker
  8. insurance agent

Some of the aforementioned careers or businesses require a license or certification. Other careers or businesses require no official credentials, such as property management, rental manager, and real estate investor. “Over50” individuals have decades of experience, which can be the most important factor when considering a career or business in real estate. To determine if real estate is the right business for you, click here. To learn more about career opportunities in real estate staffing, consulting, mergers and acquisitions, click here.

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