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What Brings #Joy to Your #Life? #health #healthy #hobby #hobbies

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What is joy? Joy can be described as an emotional feeling of fullness, happiness, and contentment. What is “pure joy?” Pure joy is ecstacy! When was the last time you felt that way? What were you doing? After years of working and raising a family, take a few moments to reflect back on your life, and identify the activities that brought joy to your life … What made you smile? What made you laugh? What did you do as a child that was fun?

Try to recreate that feeling by incorporating what was fun as child into a hobby. For instance, if you enjoyed building model airplanes when you were a child, you might enjoy building and operating drones as an adult! The same joy experienced while building and flying objects can be experienced again! As the old saying goes, “there’s always a little child inside of us … we never completely grow up …”

Maybe there wasn’t enough money as a child to pursue all of your interests. However, after working and saving and investing, you may be in the position now to splurge a little, right?! Why not? That’s the advantage of age and wisdom. You can indulge yourself in some of your interests and revive those feelings of pure joy! We met with one of our professional advisors today. Somehow, we stumbled upon the subject of fishing. He’s in his 50s and his wife bought him a kayak for his 50th birthday. He spoke about how he loves going out in his kayak and catching fish to bring home for dinner. Then he remembered how his Mom praised him as a little boy when he went out to the river at 5am to catch fish for breakfast. As he recounted his story, we could see the joy on his face! He looked like that little boy who was so proud to make his Mom happy! To us, that’s an example of pure joy! Everytime he goes out in his kayak to catch fish, and he is successful, he brings home his catch to his family and experiences the same joy he had as a child.

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