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Diamond Jubilee Gala! #givingback #charity #activeretirement

Diamond Jubilee Celebration! active retirement thefiftyplusnetwork charity event

“Giving back” feels good. Helping those who are less fortunate is a noble thing to do. If you can have some fun while raising funds, that’s a bonus! The Diamond Jubilee Gala brought together local politicians, business owners, and citizens to eat, socialize, dance, and honor high school students who are striving to succeed. Most of all, we enjoyed the dancing because it gives us an opportunity to exercise and have fun! It also reminds us of our first few dates, when we danced the night away! Take a look at the new line dance called the Wobble. These are over 50 folks who can stay in step with each other and the music by the Blue Notes Jazz Band!

The ballroom decorations were absolutely stunning!

An enormous crystal chandelier dominated the ballroom!

What a perfect opportunity to give back and have fun at the same time! What opportunities have you found to give back to your community and have fun? Please share your charitable giving experiences by joining us at The Fifty Plus Network:

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