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Confession: I have a bedroom that is filled with clutter! It used to be an office, but when my mother died, it became a place to store Mom’s papers, clothes, mementos, and a bunch of other STUFF. I finally have the time and motivation to clear out the clutter, and I am starting with Christmas gifts that I don’t need or use, such as lotions, creams, and perfumes. Several years ago, I heard a radio advertisement about a local homeless shelter that needed donations. I gathered up 4 boxes of toiletries, called the shelter to confirm they would accept toiletry donations, and drove to the shelter. What a good feeling! I helped those less fortunate, and I cleared out some clutter! That was a huge step for me … check back for updates as I tackle an issue that’s been hanging over me for years …

Two old pairs of prescription eyeglasses sat on our bedroom dresser for years, gathering dust and adding to the clutter. I researched charitable organizations that accept eyeglasses and found the Lions Club. The Lions Club recycles the eyeglasses and provides them to those who are unable to afford prescription eyeglasses.

The Lions Club has donation centers all of the U.S.A., which makes it very convention to make donations!

Early in my career, I bought loads of books on career advancement for women. These books helped me plan out my career, set career goals, and re-evaluate my progress throughout my career. Thirty-something years later, it’s time to dust off these books and donate them to young women who may find them useful. Even though decades have passed and technology has advanced, the career development concepts remain the same.

Finally cleared out the clutter in my bathroom vanity below the sink! Threw out toiletries no longer need. Cleanup up leaks from old bottles. Even found some toiletries that I never used or unwrapped, so I will donate them to the local homeless shelter. What a good feeling to open the cabinet every day and see the cleanliness and order!

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