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#Retirement is Taking Leisurely #Walk After Dr’s Appt! #retired #retireyourway

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American employers typically provide 2 weeks of vacation and 1 week of sick leave in benefits packages. If you have a doctor’s appointment, you need to use leave to go, which means at least a few hours away from the job. I usually made my doctor’s appointments in the morning, so that I could work about 5 hours in the afternoon. Rush hour traffic, waiting for the doctor to see me, ate into my leave, which caused a little stress/tension. The old saying “time is money” was always present. As soon as my appointment was over, I would rush to my car, and head to work. If I had to drive downtown for my appointment, it made for an extra long day. Now, when I have a doctor’s appointment, I can actually enjoy the surrounding area! For instance, I just had a mammogram in a suburban office park. For the first time in my life, I left the appointment and took a leisurely walk around the block. It’s early Autumn so the flowers are still blooming. Office parks usually have very nice landscaping, so I admired all of the lovely combinations of evergreens, coleus and flowers!

During the past few years, doctor’s appointments have made me a little anxious. Not that I am over 50, I must be afraid of what I am going to learn! Taking a leisurely walk after the appointment helps calm my body … The bright yellow Chrysanthemums bring a smile to my face!

Walking is fantastic exercise, and it’s free! It’s good for our cardiovascular system, and builds muscles in our lower bodies. Our primary focus at The Fifty Plus Network is health and wellness. Follow our Healthy Lifestyle board on Pinterest below.

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