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Stretch Your Body! Move Your Body! Otherwise … #health #healthy

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For new retirees, one of the most important activities to incorporate into your TDS is exercise. Why? If you are spending more time around the house, chances are you are less physically active than you were when you were working. Less physical activity leads to stiff joints. Stiff joints lead to pain. What’s the solution? Move your body! Start with daily stretching. Stand up, spread your feet about 2 feet apart, and raise your hands as high in the air as you can. Feel the stretch from your fingertips all the way down to your toes! Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Then, bend over at your waist and try to touch your toes. If you cannot reach your toes, do the best you can. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. For 7 early morning stretches, click here. After stretching, it’s time for a 10 minute walk to get your juices flowing! If you can go outside for your walk, great! If not, walk around your home, or up and down the stairs. You can even walk in place while watching TV! We try to walk for at least 10 minutes after every meal. Walking after every meal provides 3 benefits:

  1. Walking helps with food digestion
  2. Walking increases metabolism
  3. Walking burns calories

Before starting your walk, make sure your ankles are flexible and strong by performing the following ankle stretch:

Of course, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Alert1 Medical Alert Systems has a variety of senior care technology products to alert your loved ones or 911 if you have a medical emergency.


Have you recently retired and discovered health tips for new retirees? If so, please share your tips by joining us at thefiftyplusnetwork.com!

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