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7-Step #Vacation Strategy for No #Weight Gain! #weightmanagement #weightloss

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We just returned from vacation and the first thing I did the following morning is get on the scale! Vacation offers lots of opportunities to overeat, especially when dining at all-you-can-eat restaurants. For years, I gained weight during every vacation, but now I have a 7-step “no weight gain” strategy that works!

  1. Eat 2 meals per day instead of 3 meals
  2. Start breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal
  3. Top off breakfast with fruit
  4. Minimize carbohydrates (muffins, bagels, donuts, bread)
  5. Minimize breakfast meats (bacon, sausage)
  6. Snack on fruits and a handful of nuts for lunch
  7. For dinner, eat fish and vegetables with minimal carbohydrates

The Cafe Amalfi Restaurant at Hilton Beach Club offers a breakfast buffet for $17, which includes everything! I begin each breakfast with a large bowl of oatmeal (with raisins and a teaspoon of brown sugar), which provides fiber for “regularity.” For those of us who are over 50, staying “regular” while on vacation is a top priority! The buffet includes omelets, so I order an “eggbeaters” omelet with green pepper, onions and tomatoes (no meat or cheese). I love muffins but they are high calorie carbs, so I eat half a muffin. I estimate half a muffin at 150 calories, so I know I need to work off 150 calories that day. I top of breakfast with fruit, such as red, sweet, juicy watermelon!

I skip a formal lunch, but when I get hungry in early afternoon, I snack on a banana (for pottasium) and handful of heart-healthy cashews. For dinner, I eat fish, such as salmon, haddock, grouper, red snapper, or scallops. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and salad provide nutrients and fiber. I love bread, so I eat it in “moderation” at dinnertime. As soon as we get back to the hotel, we exercise! Walking and riding stationary bike works off the bread calories!

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