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Love Your Gray Hair So It Will Love You Back! #over50 #beautyover50 #over50beauty

Love Your Gray Hair! thefiftyplusnetwork over50 50plus beautyover50 over50beauty 50plusbeauty beauty50plus

After taking my Christmas selfie, I looked at the photo and noticed a small gray hair on my cheek. I started to re-take the photo, but then I decided to let that gray hair be. That gray hair says “See me!” My gray hair has a life of it’s own. My gray hair walks into the room before I do! My gray hair announces to the world: “Look at me!” When I walk into a restaurant, the young waitresses look at the top of my head. Sometimes they ask, “Is it real?” Several years ago, I was standing in line at a Health and Fitness Expo, and I could hear two women behind me trying to figure out if my hair color was a new color. I smiled, turned around and said, “No, it’s natural.” They apologized. I said “No problem.” My husband laughed. I wear hats to protect my skin and hair from the sun, wind, and cold. When I wear hats, I can pretend I’m younger than I am because you can’t see most of the gray. However, gray hair pokes out from behind, saying “You will not deny me!” You may ask, “Why not dye your hair?” I can’t. The reason — my Mom. When she was in her death bed at the hospital, a few days before she died, I was sitting in a chair at the foot of her bed. She complained that she really wanted to go to the hair salon. I smiled, and admired her full head of gray. It was like a shiny halo around her head. Mom never died her hair, and neither will I. My gray hair is a testament of a precious gift from my Mom and Dad.

How do I keep my gray hair shining like Christmas tree tinsel?

  1. Omega 3
  2. Scalp Moisturizer such as Dudley’s Hair and Scalp Conditioner, 4 Ounce
  3. Water Hydrates Skin, Scalp and Hair
  4. Special Shampoo and Conditioner for Gray Hair such as Clairol Shimmer Lights 16 oz. Shampoo + 16 oz. Conditioner (Combo Deal)

Do you love your hair? If you do, take good care of it so it will love you back! Join us at The Fifty Plus Network as we love and care for our gray hair:

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