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Don’t let retirement just happen to you. Make it something you plan and anticipate! After decades of working day in and day out, how exciting is it to plan what you want your golden years to look like … Whether you are currently retired or looking forward to retirement, decide what you want your typical day to look like. Define your typical daily scenario (TDS). What time will you wake up? What’s the first thing you’ll do in the morning? What are your current hobbies and how often will you spend time on them? Are there new hobbies you plan to pursue? Have you developed your Bucket List? One of the most important considerations is — does your spouse or mate agree with your TDS? Your spouse may want a little time alone each day. You may need to adjust your TDS to include an outside activity so that your spouse has a little free time. Your TDS depends on your financial situation. If you are financially secure, there is no need to be concerned about earning extra income, however, if you have doubts about your financial security, your TDS will include working. Think about your hobbies … is there a hobby that can be converted to part-time income? You can have fun and earn money at the same time! Your goals will drive your TDS. For instance, is one of your goals to help others? If so, some of your TDS will include volunteering. K-Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricant, 3 Ounce

If you are over 50 and have defined your TDS, please share it with us at The Fifty Plus Network:

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