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Dancing with Michael Jackson at Michael Jackson One Theater! over50 thefiftyplusnetwork

Adventures in Vegas … Join us as we travel to Las Vegas to see Rihanna! Yes, believe it or not, a couple of over 50 seniors are going to see a millennial rock the stage! Why? It keeps us YOUNG! To be honest with TheFiftyPlusNetwork, one of us loves Rihanna! Guess which one?! I had never heard of Rihanna until the incident with Chris Brown. That’s when I discovered many of her CDs around the house … At first, I was a little jealous. My feelings of jealousy lasted for years. Every time I heard one of her songs while we were riding in the car, I changed the channel. After awhile, I began to feel a little silly about my jealousy. To rid myself of any feelings of envy and jeolousy, I suggested we take a trip to Las Vegas to see Rihanna in concert! It’s my way of empowering myself and validating my self confidence and self esteem. I had to remind myself that there was no need to feel envious or jealous at all.

Brynn and Lo

Brynn and Lo

The last time we went to Las Vegas was in 2004. We went to see Prince! I felt the same way about Prince that my husband feels about Rihanna … You can fill in the blanks … We are excited about our trip and will keep TheFiftyPlusNetwork updated with posts, pics, and videos! To learn more about Rihanna’s life and career, click here.

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay Resort, the same resort we chose 12 years ago when we went to the Prince concert! The resort is much larger and more grand than ever!

Mandalay Bay has it’s own Convention Center, several restaurants, food court, 2 nightclubs, numerous casinos, shopping, the Michael Jackson One Theatre show, and Shark Aquarium. Mandalay Bay even has it’s own beach! As we were walking downstairs to the beach level, we noticed a beautiful waterfall.

Rihanna has a very distinct style of hair colors, clothing (or lack thereof), and attitude. If you wonder why so many teenagers and young women are walking around with blue hair, green hair, red hair, look to Rihanna. If you wonder why so many teenagers and young women are walking around with their underwear (or lingerie) and high heels, look to Rihanna. When Rihanna made her entrance, she did not enter on the stage, she walked up to a white platform in the middle of the Event Center. It’s difficult to see in the video, but she had clothes on top, and not much on the bottom, just a thin piece of cloth. Hence, the Rihanna style …

After Rihanna’s “Stay” song, she walked into a oblong-shaped cage that was suspended from the ceiling. As the cage began moving toward the stage, Rihanna sang another song and gave all the men in the audience a special treat … Use your imagination …

The only negative about the concert was the loudness of the music. The bass was so loud and thundering that we could feel the pounding in our chests! I was so afraid that I was going to lose my hearing, so I kept covering my ears throughout most of the concert.

All in all, I am very glad we attended the Rihanna concert. It made my husband very happy, and it made for a very exciting weekend! Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices to make your spouse or mate happy. Even though it pains or irritates you, you can find joy in the happiness of your partner.

Dancing with Michael Jackson at Michael Jackson One Theater! over50 thefiftyplusnetwork

Dancing with Michael Jackson at Michael Jackson One Theater!

As we walked around the enormous Mandalay Bay Resort, we kept hearing Michael Jackson’s music throughout the resort. We were looking for the new Mandalay Bay hotel called the Delano, which has large suites. As we walked toward Delano, we were delighted to find huge images of Michael Jackson lining the hallway! Since we are big-time Michael Jackson fans, we decided to imitate some of his famous dance moves. There were other Michael Jackson fans doing the same thing! It certainly brought back memories of Michael Jackson’s entertainment career, Motown, groundbreaking videos, and unique music. The Michael Jackson One Theater, which is across from the larger-than-life images, captures the essence of Michael Jackson and his career.

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