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On an overcast Autumn afternoon, we attended the last football game of the season for our college football team! Visiting our alma mater’s campus in our 50s made us feel invigorated! The football stadium has been refurbished due to an influx of funds from CapitalOne. The athletics program was in the ACC, and now in the Big 10! We gets lots of questions about the university’s decision to move from the ACC to the Big 10. We believe the decision was about money and resources. Several years ago, the athletic program was in financial difficulty. The move to the Big 10 gave us access to financial resources and the students can use library resources and take classes at all of the the Big 10 unversities! It’s a win-win for everyone except our football team LOL! One downside we have noticed is that the Big 10 offensive and defensive lineman are much bigger than the ACC lineman! It will take several years of recruiting to beef-up our offensive and defensive lines!

As we walk around campus, remembering old buildings and seeing lots of new construction, brings back a flood of memories … What was once a parking lot is now a new building! We pass by the dormitories where we recall lots of dorm parties! Cole Field House used to hold the basketball games, but is now the Student Union building. The basketball team now plays at Comcast Center.

Being around young people makes us feels young! Their energy and excitement about the future is contagious! It forces you to remember your own youth, goals and aspirations. Think back … did you accomplish all of the goals you set when you were in your early 20s? If not, why not? If the goal is still important to you, why not pursue it in your 50s or 60s or 70s?

When you are in your early 20s, your whole life is ahead of you. You don’t spend much time thinking about obstacles, or limitations. You feel invincible, like nothing can stop you. Remember how good that felt? Visiting your alma mater may shake something inside of you. It may encourage you to pursue a passion you had as young adult!

Have you discovered an experience that made you feel “young at heart?” If so, share your experience by joining us at

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