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Even if you have a successful career, and are in the “over 50” category, it still behooves you to consider an additional stream of income. You never know when your employer might merge, initiate layoffs, or offer early retirement. Due to technological and geopolitical changes in the economy, businesses must adapt to a constant state of change. Sometimes businesses will add employees to account for extra demand for their products or services; and sometimes businesses will eliminate employees to reduce liabilities. Some jobs may be lost to the increased use of robots. Fast food restaurants are already using robots to replace humans. Geopolitical changes in the economy result from trade agreements negotiated with other countries, such as NAFTA. Typically, the first employees laid off are workers over 50 because their salaries and benefits are higher than younger employees. If you are over 50, it is prudent to prepare for uncertainty in the economy by creating an additional stream of income. To learn more about 6 businesses you can start with little to no cash, click here. For more on preparing for economic change, click here. For more on mid-life career changes, click Mid-Life Career Rescue Series Box Set (Books 1-3):The Call For Change, What Makes You Happy, Employ Yourself: How to change careers, confidently leave … you hate, and start living a life you love,.

If you are over 50, and you are concerned about economic changes affecting your career or business, please share your concerns by joining us at The Fifty Plus Network:

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