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Do you like to travel? Most of us do! Have you ever thought about visiting historic places in your own hometown? Why would you do so? We have 3 reasons:

  1. Educational and Cultural Experience
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Time-Efficient

Educational and Cultural Experience

All cities and towns have historic sights … you just have to look for them. Start with the Wiki page for your city or hometown. It will provide the history for your area, and it will identify interesting historic sights to visit. It is an opportunity to learn something new and grow new brain cells!

For instance, the Wiki page for the Church of the Ascension and Saint Agnes indicates that the church was built in 1874. Imagine what the country was like in 1874, 9 years after the end of the Civil War. It gives you a perspective on life and where you are today!


If you are visiting historic sights in your own city or hometown, transportation costs are minimal because you are driving or using local transportation. You may have to buy a ticket to tour the historic sight. If you are a senior citizen, ask for a senior discount!

The cobblestone streets and historic buildings near the historic statehouse provides a quaint and peaceful environment to explore … perfect for over 50 travelers.


If you are visiting historic sights in your own city or hometown, it should take less than 1 hour to arrive. Become a tourist in your own city or hometown!

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