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When we were young and newly married, we visited Virginia Beach at least once per year, sometimes twice per year! Virginia Beach was and is a magnet beach spot for young folks! Even though we are now over 50, we still enjoy visiting Virginia Beach. We just have to take certain precautions to ensure our “comfort.” We love the Hilton brand, so we usually stay at a Hilton hotel when we travel. When we were in our mid 40s, we stayed at the Hilton Oceanfront when it was a brand new hotel in the center of Virginia Beach! We were excited about being among the first to experience the new Hilton. As we started to wind down after we checked in, we noticed the Sound Stage next to the hotel. For some reason, we weren’t concerned about it until we were ready to go to sleep around 10pm. At that point, we realized we were no longer “spring chickens.” We were irritated that our sleep pattern was being disrupted!

So, our first bit of advice to our “over 50” nation … book a hotel that is not in the center of all the action! Typically, when you make a reservation, you are not thinking about the amount of noise present, or an entertainment venue might be next door. In our opinion, the hotels on the northern part of the beach are quieter.

Our second travel tip for “over 50” travelers has to do with the hotel floor selection. When we visited New York City during the holidays, we stayed at the Hampton Inn Times Square. The price was right, and we love the free breakfast! However, when we checked in, the front desk gave us a room on the 29th floor! At the time, we were tired and not thinking well, so we accepted the room on the 29th floor. To learn what happened in the middle of the night on the 29th floor, click here.

Our third travel tip for “over 50” travelers has to do with our health … stay hydrated! We just learned that one of our uncles was recently in the hospital for 3 days because he was traveling and not drinking water on a regular basis. He developed a kidney infection that affected his blood sugar and blood pressure. He didn’t want to drink alot of water because he didn’t want to stop every hour for a bathroom break.

To summarize our 3 travel tips for over 50 travelers:

  1. Search for accommodations that are away from the center of activity
  2. Request a hotel room on the 7th floor or below
  3. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

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